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Ch 3: Psychoanalysis (Freud)

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Psychology 2550A/B
Stephen Erdle

Chapter 3Psychoanalysis Sigmund FreudStructure y Talked about different levels of consciousnessSuggested that there is more than just a conscious life to the human mind A Suggested 3 levels of consciousness 1 Consciousare aware of 2 Preconsciouscan become aware of y Material you can bring into your consciousness at your own will 3 Unconsciousnever aware of y Material that can be brought into the conscious mind through psychoanalysis BInstincts 1 Life instincts Erossexual instinctshunger y Sexuality repressed by society but no repression in society for eating 2 Death instincts Thanatosresults in aggressivenessy Thought that aggression is an instinct that is repressed by society CParts of the mind 1 Idy All that is present in the infant mind is the idoccurs first y Operated by the pleasure principle y Seeks immediate gratificationy Entirely unconscious 2 Ego y Operates by the reality principle y Ego develops in the child as the child gets older and sets up a realistic way of achieving gratification of the id impulses y Mediates between the id and the superego so we can satisfy the id but in socially acceptable ways y Partially conscious 3 Superegoy Rules of morality that we learn as childrenas we grow up y Partially conscious y Divided into 2 parts o Ego idealInternalized rewards from childhoodGives us an ideal to live up toWhen we live up to it we feel proud of ourselvesproduces pride o Conscience Internalized punishments from when we were wrongWhen we violate conscience we feel guilt y Freud suggested that the 3 parts of the mind work together y Based his model on Platos philosophy reason appetite spiritDevelopment y Used to develop parts of the mindego and superego arent present at birthcome with interaction of the environment and learning what is socially acceptable y Suggested that children develop personality through psychosexual stages y Fixations at stages would keep your personality at that level of developmentcaused by parents being too strict or too giving
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