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Ch 5: Ego Psychology

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Psychology 2550A/B
Stephen Erdle

Chapter 5Ego PsychologyErik Erikson 19021994 y Breakaway from Freud like Jung y Specialized in psychoanalysis of children Freud was more interested in adulthoodlead to his particular ideas about assessment and researchStructure y Took Freuds structure of the instincts levels of consciousness and idegosuperegodidnt make any changes to the structure of personality y Added the autonomous ego the ego is more than just the mediator between the superegoidbelieved that the ego had an autonomous nature independent of the conflicthe focused on the consciousness of the ego y Erikson believed that social and family influencesfactors are as important in personality development as sexual developmentDevelopment and Maladjustment y Erikson best known for this theoryy Built them together in a theoretical model he called psychosocial development emphasis on social aspects of personality rather than the sexual aspects Freud focused oncarries on throughout the lifespan unlike Freud who thought it stopped soon as the superego was developed y Believed that there were important stages apart from the psychosexual phases8 stages first 4 related to Freuds stages last 4 added by Erikson 1 Trust vs mistrust oral01 y Most important part of infancy was developing the trustmistrust of your caregiversfocuse
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