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Ch 6: Individual Psychology

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Psychology 2550A/B
Stephen Erdle

Chapter 6Individual PsychologyAlfred Adler 18701937Structure y Believed there are various milestones of adulthood that can affect personality and that Freud used too broad of a stage for that stage of development y Adlers approachcalled individual psychology y Broke away from Freud around the same time as Jung y His view of the structure of personality focused much more on conscious motivation believed that Freud has overemphasized unconscious conflictbelieved that behaviour was more consciously motivated similar to Erikson in that way y Also felt that socialfamily factors were more important than sexual factors in personality y Also believed in finalism we arent driven by the past as much as we are influenced by future goals the final conclusion of things y Also suggested that sometimes our goals are fictionaltalked about fictional finalism behaviour directed towards goals that are falseunrealistic included religious beliefsmotivated by the thought that some behaviours would help you go to heavenprevent you from going to hellAlder not strongly religious like Freudas appose to Jung y Early in his career he discussed a lot about the concepts of inferiority and compensation we all feel a sense of inferiority as children appose to adultscan compensate for that by learning social skills etc y Felt that inferiority in one area can cause compensation in other areascan compensate in physical inferiority with mental intelligencecoined the term inferiority complex y Also talked about striving for superioritywe have the drive to be dominantsupe
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