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Ch 8: Psychiatric Paradigm

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Western University
Psychology 2550A/B
Stephen Erdle

Chapter 8 Psychiatric Paradigm y Based on medical diagnosis of personality disorders y Focus on maladjustment entirelyno particular theories and not divided into subcomponentsy Categorization of psychologicalpersonality disorders y People used to believe that maladjusted behaviour was due to evil spirits in the head y Wasnt until 1800s that medical doctors took over and diagnosed them as having a medical illnessstarted looking at the medical modely Classification started off as only 2 types o Psychotics completely separate from society and reality ex schizophrenia o Neurotics had certain symptoms that were psychological ex hysteriay Neurotics treated with Freudians and neoFreudiansy Changed the entire way of psychiatric diagnosis in the 1980s American psychiatric associationAmerican Psychiatric Association y 1952 project to classify mental disorders and created diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders DSM y Used world wide for psychiatric diagnosis y Tried to create a model of mental disorders medical model where they described symptoms of certain disorders distinguishing between neurotic and psychotic at that time y Around the time that they first started referring to schizophrenia then called dementia y Classified 106 disorders rdy Revisions were made as yea
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