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Lecture 3

Psychology 2660A/B Lecture 3: L3-lab

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Psychology 2660A/B
John Meyer

Recruitment: When economy bad, lots people want the job, unemployement effects even people that qualified for job , larger pool of applicants Economy good, smaller pool, less people to choose from that are qualified Sources of recruitment Internal sources: have less withdrawl, less likely to be late, leave job, perform well People that suggest people usually people that are more like you- the same type of people on the board- like white male board Internal might be better because peole that you talk to know approx what the job is Selection, you want people that you recommend to be good because they reflect you Recruitment methods Traditional: Maybe stretching the truth, like say community- but at the same time you work by yourself in a cubicle so the community doesn’t really have importance in your job -if people come get a job with a certain image but see that the image is false and leave – not good Realistic Recruitment -you need to know what is positives, negatives and how often comes into play- need to do job analysis, companies don’t want to do this Realistic job Preview: day to day -schedule or get incontact with current employee/grad student -don’t want to scare them off/ trash organization O*NET System that available online, categorizes jobs , breaks down to smaller parts by industry, than job category , position, similar positions -fo people looking for jobs, braod understandable for everybody -533 approx last year- each has lie 10 available -ba
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