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Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Engineer psychology (textbook) Engineering psychology – the design of machines and equipment for human use and the determination for the appropriate human behaviors for the efficient operation of the machines. M-1 Tank - was build without engineering psychology - soldiers complained about neck and back pains that needed medical attention - unable to see the ground - could not hear one another b/c the machine was too loud. - When shooting over the open hatch the crew got rocks, dirt and dust in their face How to make an affective work space? 1. all tools and materials should be placed in the order as they will be used by the worker 2. Tools should be positioned so they can pick up ready to use 3. All parts and tools should be at a comfortable reaching distance Workspace design - considering size and shape of the person’s hand for the tools - hand tools should be designed without the workers having to bend their wrists - Bend the tool, not the wrist! Eg: the bent plyers - Avoid carpal-tunnel syndrome - Study: researcher examined clerical employees in municipal jobs. Looked at seating, keyboard, computer relocation and screen. - However, many times worker doesn’t really use the adjustments in a chair and do not realize the change. Time and motion study Taylor and his shovel - came up with a shovel at 21.5 pounds that workers worked the most efficient. - His research was the first empirical demonstration of the relationship btw work tools and worker efficiency. - Came up with tool design and incentive wage system Frank and Lillian Gilbreth - interested in the mechanism of job performance - eliminate unnecessary motion - Mr. Gilbreth designed a scaffold that could be raised or lowered, so worker can easily lay the bricks without too much moving and getting tired. - He always buttoned his shirt from bottom up - He brushed and shaved at the same time - Time and motion engineer or efficiency experts - United parcel service – driver carry packages only under their arms, step out with their right foot, clench keys with their mouth Person-machine system - system in which both components work together – human and mechanical. - If one fails, the whole thing fails! Eg: pushing a lawnmower, driving a car - A car driver also gets info from the enviro, when to stop or slow down. - Humans are always needed, whether it be auto-pilot or in a robotic factory - Workers who have equipment-monitoring jobs find their jobs boring and fatiguing than actually running it. Allocating function - the speed, accuracy, and frequency must be analyzed - machines are better than humans What machines cant do? - they cant learn from errors - they cannot bend in ways humans can - they cannot improvise, unable to reason Automation: reducing in human role Automated trains in Miami, Florida - the trains miss spots at least 10% of the time - Workers are bored and hardly use their skills Airbus vs. Boeing 777 planes - airbus is largely automized and pilots hardly “fly” the plane. - Pilots are unable to override their computer - Boring lets the pilot take control and can override anytime - Study: done on 30 pilots in US, they saw that automated systems usually communicated with other automated systems - Pilots under lab situati
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