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Lecture 4

Psychology 2990A/B Lecture 4: CHAPTER 4Premium

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Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazelwood

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Sport Psychology
-The chapter about sport psychology is organized around five psychological
skills that are important in sports: goal-setting, imagery, self-talk, arousal
regulation, and attention control.
Uniforms and Aggression Articles:
Frank& Gilovich
- Research has demonstrated that the cues inherent in certain uniforms can
influence a persons willingness to harm another individual
-The color black is often associated with evil and death and might lead to
elevated levels of aggression on the part of people wearing black uniforms
-As predicted teams with black uniforms in the NFL and NHL or penalize
significantly more often during the last 17 years then the arrivals in on black
-Demonstrated that black uniforms are judged more harshly than those in
white and I'm more likely to be penalized
-Judged by refs and other players
-In addition in those wearing black uniforms or more inclined to see
aggression and competition
-The color black and evil and aggressiveness would be a particularly salient
and domains that already possess overtones of competition confrontation
and physical aggression
-The actions of police officers might be an area of interest
Caldwell& Burgers
- Past research suggests that wearing either a black or a red uniform leads
to increased aggression or an increase in perceived aggression during
professional sports.
- Investigators examining the relation between black uniforms and
aggression point to the widely recognized association between black and
- In many species, the amount or intensity of red is associated with status
and dominance
- Several hypotheses have been put forth to account for the advantage of
wearing red uniforms. It may be that the athlete responds to the color he or
she is wearing and performs more aggressively (Hill & Barton, 2005a,
-But it might also be the case that seeing an opponent in red
-However, this research suffers from a number of limitations, including an
inability to manipulate the independent variable.
-A recent change in the National Hockey League’s uniform policy created the
possibility of a naturally occurring experiment that allowed the authors to
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