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Lecture 1

Psychology 2990A/B Lecture 1: 2990 Lecture One- Psychology and the Law

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Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazelwood

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2990 Lecture One: Psychology and the Law How common are jury trials? Jury trials are relatively rare in Canada Two basic types of trials Civil trials o Disputes between citizensgroups o i.e contract law o no absolute right to jury trial (depends on provincial territorial legislation) ie allowed in Ontario not Quebec criminal trials o offences against the crown, not between citizens o against the queen, our lady and peace o right to jury trail guaranteed in criminal code not mentioned in the charter, only the right to a fair trial o but, only for more serious offences (penalty of 5 years or more) o when juries are involved, they are involved in serious with serious consequences The role of juries three roles they apply the law (as defined by judges) to the admissible evidence, and render a unanimous verdict of guilty or not guilty also assumed jury will play two other roles: o juries represent the communities where the crime occurred (adds legitimacy and public acceptance to verdicts) o serve as the conscience of community (ca guard against laws perceived to be unfair) i.e. dr. Morngentaler and abortion laws Characteristics of a good jury must be representative of community where the crime occurred o resemble and look like the community o typical selection procedure obtain list of people in community (eg voter registration; census; local phone book) jury pool randomly select people from pool (e.g. 100) jury panel each person on panel is sent a jury summons (court order for jury duty) if it is ignored can be in jail for up to five years and you would not be entitled for jury trial if you have an offence given number and placed in jury room numbers are randomly selected (12 in criminal trails; 6 in civil trails) these people usually become jurors unless o two things that can keep people off a jury
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