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Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Attitudechange is a big bussiness: 1. Avg, person in NA is exposed to over 1500 persuasive attemts in a single day! - about half come from ads -In canada , 10 billion per year - in States $1 billion (mcDonalds 2. Definition attitude: an evaluation response toward an object or issue (expresses favor or disfavor) - three types of evaluative responses: >Behavioral (approach/ avoid; buy/not buy; ex. spider , if u want to study them, then u have fav attitude toward them) > Affective (emotions- love, hate, like) > Cognitive (evaluate beliefs- I believe) the most attention Q: how can we change ppl’s attitude Part1: The msg learning approach (Hovland and the Yale Group) How can we convience that the animal is wrong? In order to influence, the person has to learn! a. Four sequential stages of messages learning: 1. attention to msg 2. Comprehension (understand what’s said) 3. yielding (accept conclusion of msg) ---attitude change; the most critical stage 4. retention (store msg&attitude in memory). B. attitude change (msg learning) is not easy! ex. persvave ppl to buy our product or check their blood every month. e.g. if we are 80% succesful with 10 ppl: - 80 will attend to msg but we lost 20 ppl - 64 will comprehend the msg (80*.8) - 51 will yeild to conclusion (64*.8) - 41 will remember new attitude (51*.8) - only 33 ppl will act on their new attitude (41*.8) - - not bad if target large numbers of ppl - --- The Miller Lite beer commercials (tastes great, less filling) (usually every commmer- cial has two sport stars) ( usually addresses to guys who like to wotch sport games and drink beer. C. Factors that influence message learning Who Says what to whom Source MSG Recipients D. Research on yielding (attittude change) ---Inconsistent results! E.g. > Sourse (credibility, expertise, likeability, similarity, attractiveness) > Recipient (e.g. Intelligence, moods ( to put ppl in a good mood)) > Msg (e.g. length are more persvative( as many facts as it is posible; some showing that shorter msg are better for changing the attitude), comprehensibility) some research showed increase, nothing or decreased persvasion. >1977 : there is reigning confusion in this area. Part 2: Greenwald’s Cognitive Response Model Attention Comprehension (something is missing)- why r we attending and comprehending what is say in the msg. we are actiively thinking . => Cognitive responses>>>>> Internal Stream of thought ( more thoughts we generate, more we will be agree or disagree) Summary: influences direction and amount of attitude change Yielding Retention Interlude: Measuring cognitive responses The though
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