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Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Psych 2990Psychology and the LawThe Canadian Jury Selecting 12 ImpartialHow common r jury trailsmost trials are trials most canadians believe that if they end up being in a court they ll have a jury trail right it is very rare in real lifeATwo types of trials1 Civil trialsex sue for not paying a rentdisputes btw citizensgroups No absolute right to a jury trialdepends on provincial legislation allowed in ontario not quebec2 Criminal trialoffences against the CrownConstitutional Charter right to a jury trialexstended to some criminal offences in general only for more serious offences fines 2000 andor6 months in prisonTryit p3236 which ll be in jury and which r notThe role of juries1 They apply the law as defined by judjes2 To the admissible evedence3Render a unanimous verdict of guilty or not guilty4also Juries represent the community where the crime occuradds legitimate and public acceptence to verdicts5Serve as conscience of community can guard against laws perceived to be unfair eg Dr Morgentaler and abortion lawscant be performed in private clinic so the law was changed since the person was not find guilty so it became legal to perform in public and private clinicsTwo characteristics of good jurya freind cant be a jury to u according to suprime court1Representitive of community where the crime occuredlook like and resemble the communitySElect to represent a broad section of communityA1Typical selection procedure pbtain list of ppl in communityeg voter registration census local phone book it is called Jury Pool 2Randomly select ppl from a pool eg 100 it is called Juty panelor jury array3Each person on panel is sent a jury summons court order to appear for jury duty if u deffer u can be sent to prison it is serious criminal offence4given a number and placed in jury room not allowed to eat talk drink anything5numbers are randomly selected 12 if criminal 6 in civil trials if ur number is selected these ppl usually become jurors unlessThings that can keep ppl off juries a not
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