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Psychology 3190F/G
Tony Vernon

Attention - Cognitive process of concentrating on one aspect of the environment - Selective (we decide consciously what to pay attention to while ignoring other things) vs. Non-selective (certain things in the environment forces us to pay attention to it often for the sake of our survival (attentional capture) - Dichotic listening is where there are two messages being inputted through headphones, where one ear had one message and the other ear had a different one. They must attend to one and ignore the other Selective Attention: Filter Theory - A lot of information on one end comes in, but only a small amount gets in via a filter. This is known as a bottleneck. Humans can only attend to one channel of information at a time and they filter out other information. - The diagram for filter theory is first information from sensors, then gone into the short- term store. This goes to the selective filter, in which once filtered will go to the limited capacity processor. This either goes to an output system to effectors, or can be put into long term storage Sensors  short-term storage  selective filter  limited capacity processor  output system OR long term memory However, the filter theory does not explain the cocktail party effect, where in a highly social setting, all unattended filtered information should not be heard, although in some cases this is not so Selective Attention: Attenuation Model - Treisman - Unattended message is not ignored, but rather attenuated. Kahneman’s Theory - Amount of effort required for the task (if we perform difficult tasks and allocate all attentio
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