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Lecture 2

Evolution - Week 2 Notes

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Psychology 3229A/B
Scott Mac Dougall- Shackleton

Week 2Natural Selection and Human OriginsUnit 21Human OriginsWhere and when did humans evolveWhowhat were the ancestors of humansWhat was the environment to which early humans were adaptedStudying originsPaleoanthropologystudy of fossil evidence of our ancestorsGenetic approachesPrimate evolutionHumans are great apes diverged from chimp lineage approximately 57 MYAThe universe in a yearJan 1 The big bangSept 14 Formation of EarthSept 25 Origin of life on EarthNov 15 Origin of eukaryotesDec 24 First dinosaursDec 26 First mammalsDec 29 First primatesDec 30 First hominidsHylobatidae gibbonsPonginae orangutanHominae humans chimps gorillasHominini humans and 2 chimpsPan and Homo diverged about 7 MYAThe universe in a year contdDec 31 Split from chimps 7MYA1030pm First Homo1159pm First cave paintings115920pm Agriculture1115951pm Alphabets115957pm Zero decimals115959 Renaissance in EuropeThe third chimpanzeeHuman and chump lineage diverged very recently in evolutionary timeIe if a martian was studying us they would consider us a chimp because were so closely relatedTribe hominichimps bonobos humansPan troglodytescommon chimpanzeesSex difference in body sizePrimarily plant gatherers some hunting usually hunt monkeysStrong dominance ranks determines when you eat who you mate with etcPan paniscusbonobosSmaller sex difference in sizeLess dominance rankingConspicuous sexual interaction sexual activity as normal activity of daily activities dont just do it for reproduction and engage in a wide range of sexual behavioursQuestion Are we more similar to chimpanzees or bonobosWere not anymore related to one than the other because they split apart AFTER they split apart from usThey shared a common ancestor when they split with usCommon chimps and bonobos often compared to humans but doesnt make sense to argue either is a better comparisonThe Hominims4 MYA full bipedalism25 MYA scavenging stone tools1 MYA hunting and gathering rather than looking for dead food purposely hunted to include more meat in our diet02 MYA current large brainsWhen a species came into existence and went extinct y axisCurrent time on top gets earlier in time as you go downHominidChimp divergenceHominid lineagelarger brains obligate bipedalism smaller teethPan lineagebrain did not enlarge larger teeth facultative bipedalism quadrupedalismCloser look at hominid lineageExcellent and growing fossil evidenceTimes and locations of species existence knownPhylogenetic relationships inferred hypotheses based on dataalways changing
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