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Sexual Disorders

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Psychology 3310F/G
Peter Hoaken

Sexual Dysfunctions Characterized byExcitement o Consists of the initiation of subjective sense of sexual pleasure and accompanying physiological changesPlateauo Consolidation of arousalOrgasm o Peaking of sexual pleasure release of sexual tensions and rhythmic contraction of the perineal muscles and reproductive organsResolution o Consists of a sense of muscular relaxation general wellbeingHypoactive Sexual Desire DisorderDSMIVTR Persistently or recurrently deficient or absent sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity o Diagnosed by what is considered normalThe disturbanceHypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Associated Features Masturbation sexual fantasies and intercourse are rare in this disorderAccounts for half of all complaints at sexuality clinics11 of women and 5 of men suffer from this disorderDepressive disorders depressed people derive little pleasure from all areas of their lifeDifficulties maintaining sexual relationsMarital discordSexual Aversion DisorderDSMIVTR Persistent or recurrent extreme aversion to and avoidance of all or almost allSexual Aversion Disorder Associated Features Panic attacks in response to sexual stimuli o 10 of males report panic attacks during attempted sexual activity o NOTE do not diagnose phobia if panic attacks occur exclusively in context of sexual interactionIntense disgust reactions nauseaPhysiological symptoms of anxietyMarital discord
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