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Fear and Anxiety

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Psychology 3310F/G
Peter Hoaken

Fear and AnxietyFear and Anxiety Fear and anxiety are adaptive emotionsAutonomic arousalfight or flight responseExperiential aspectssenxation of dread heart rate skin crawls Cognitive symptomswhen I realize something bad is going to happen brakes lock upBehavioural symptomsactions taken to avoid threatening situationPathological when o Excessive irrational uncontrollable o Interferes with functioning ie intrusive cant functioninstead of adaptive becomes maladaptiveAnxiety disorders are the most common group of mental disorders25 lifetime prevalence most highly diagnosed of DSMIV disordersHigh personal and societal costsPanic Attack Abrupt experience of intense fear or discomfort o Developes abruptly peaks within ten minutesAccompanied by 4 or more of o Palpitations pounding heart or accelerated HR o SweatingAcutevery somatic symptoms o Chills or hot flushes o Trembling or shaking o Sensations of Shortness of breath or smothering o Feeling of choking o Chest pain or discomfort o Nausea or abdominal distress o Feeling dizzy unsteady lighthearted or faint o Derealization feeling of unreality or depersonalization being detached from oneself o Fear of losing control or going crazy o Fear of dying o Paresthesias numbness or tingling sensation httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvQ0YXWpz4KGsDSMIV Subtypes of PA Situationally boundcued panic o Expectedbound to some situationsSituationally predisposed panic o May or may not occur in some situationsUnexpected uncued panic o Not immediately associated with triggerneeded to diagnose PD can only be diagnosed with 2 situationally cued Panic attacks y ie constant state of worry of when going tohappendbecause dont know whats going to happen o lose control of bodywith panic attacko people think they are having a heart attack o EKG testbut panic attacks dont have same heart pattern o Told to leaveno psych consultAgoraphobia Anxiety about being in places or avoidance of places o Eg away from home alone shopping mall in a crown on a bus standing alone o Avoid situations where they think they cant escapeAvoidance o Usually involves fear of having a panic attackBecomes increasingly nervous secludedSo much so that they dont go outdiagnosedDSMIV Diagnosis of Panic Disorder Recurrent unexpected of panic attacksAt least one month of o Persistent concern about having other attacks o Or worry about the implication of the attacks o Or Significant change in behaviour related to the attacksCan be coded with panic disorder With or without AgoraphobiaAssociated Features of Panic disorder anxietyhealth concernsgoing crazy loss of control fear of being institutionalized fear of severe deterioration into worstcase psychological stateLoss associated with onsetDemoralization become dejected functional disorder wake up in panicked stateImpaired functioningNocturnal panic 4471
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