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Mood Disorders and Suicide

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Psychology 3310F/G
Peter Hoaken

What Does Depression Mean to You Somatic Complaints o Lethargy o Heavy armsApathyThoughts of self harmSelfloathing selfcriticismTearfulnessRelationship problems isolationLoss of pleasure anhedoniaDepression is an allencompassing thing a bodily thing a weight a burdenMood Disorders MD diagnoses vary Severity duration valence o How severe is the dysfunction o How long is the dysunction o Is mood elevated or depressed Major Depressive Disorder unipoloarDysthymiaBipolar I Bipolar II CyclothymiaMajor Depressive Episode A At least 5 of the following during the same 2 week period change from previous fxn at least one of the symptoms is either depressed or loss of interest or pleasure o Depressed mood most of the day nearly every day o Markedly diminished interest or pleasure in all or almost all activities for most of the day nearly every dayAt least one of the first two 12 o Change in sleep insomnia or hypersomnia o Psychomotor agitation or retardation nearly every dat o Decreased energy or fatigue o Feelings of guilt or worthlessness o Difficulty thinking concentrating or making decisions o Recurrent thoughts of death or suicidal ideation plans or attempts34 of the last 7Diagnosis So lets say that you have a discreet period of depressed mood in which you meet five or more of those criterion o That lasts longer than 2 weeks o And you never have any elevations in moodMajor Depressive Disorder o First timesingle episode o Second timerecurrent episodeSpecifiers1 With Catatonic Features a Catatonia is characterized by motoric immobility evidenced by catalepsy or stupor b May also manifest excessive nonprompted motor activity akathisia extreme negativism or mutism and peculiarities in movement i May have fundamental loss of speech c Also echolalia or echopraxia i Echopraxia is mirroring actions d this is relatively uncommon 2 With Melancholic Features a Melancholia is characterized by a loss of pleasure anhedonia in most or all activities b A failure of reactivity to pleasurable stimuli c A quality of depressed mood more pronounced than that of grief or loss d A worsening of symptoms in the morning hours e Also early morning waking psychomotor retardation anorexia excessive weight loss or excessive guilt i This is not an atypical way for people to manifest 3 With Atypical Features a Atypicality is characterized by significant weight gain or increased appetite excessive sleep or somnolence hypersomnia significant social impairment as a consequence of hypersensitivity to perceived interpersonal rejection b These atypical features may indicate that this is what is known as seasonal affective disturbance i Light therapy ii May cause people to be manic 4 Depression with Psychotic Features a Typically Postpartum i Postpartum depression is typically very severe b May present with hallucinations or delusions that are either moodcongruent content coincident with depressive themes or nonmoodcongruent content not coincident with depressive themes c Prominent ex Andrea Yates i If a women has had a postpartum depression previously it is highly likely that they will have it again after a subsequent birth
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