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Psychology 3720F/G
Doug Hazlewood

• There are many type of prosocial bhevaiour (eg. Honesty, etc). o We’ll be focusing most of our attention on helping behaviour. o Helping behaviour: behaviour that’s intended to benefit the recipient.  Occurs when a person or group is in need, and another person/group attempts to alleviate that need. • Question: are humans helpful? (rhetorical question) o Eg.Arland Williams Jr.  Average man; middle aged (46 yrs), small beard. Worked in a bank. He astonished everyone with his behaviour the previous day.  He hears the roar of an approaching passenger jet by the river. But this time something is worng with that noise; the jet is too loud- too close. Amoment later the jet crashes into the river. 79 people of the 84 on the jet died instantly or within a few minutes of the crash. Apolice helicoprtoer saw the 5 survivors clinging to the side of the jet. It lowered the rope to them. Arland Jr. caught the rope, but handed it to one of the other passengers. And then he did it again.And then again. In the cold, for a man in his shape and age, he didn’t have great chances of survival.And he had a lot to live for- divorced, but to be married again. When the helicoprter came back for him, this time he was gone. He didn’t survive. o Eg . ReginaldAndrews. 29 years odl, black, on subway in manhattan at Christmas. He was worried he couldn’t do much for his 8 kids, and lost his job recently.  When the train pulled in, he noticed an elderly blind man in front of him. He mistook the space between the two cars for a door, and walked through onto the tracks. Mr.Andrews climbed down and pulled the man off the tracks just before the train strated up again. Both survived. Afew weeks later, Mr.Andrews got a check for 3K from an anonymous doner. o Eg. More common examples:  Donating blood  Volunteering time  Donating money to charities  Giving directions, offering a seat, opening a door, catching a falling person o Despite how many people are helpful (and there are many), there are many people who need help but don’/t get it (eg. Homeless).  Whatever the number, we can agree that ther
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