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Western University
Psychology 3723F/G
Martin Kavaliers

Prejudice 4/26/2013 12:12:00 PM Definitions:  steretypes: a set of characteristics that a perceiver associates with members of a group (cognitive); can be positive or negative  prejudice: a negative attitude toward members of a group, which can be strongly help (evaluative; attitude); always negative  discrimination: negative, harmful behaviour toward people based on their group membership (behaciour, overt); always negative Prejudice  common targets  racial/ethnic groups  homosexuals o both sexes more negative to own-sex homosexuals  inconsistent with a “competition” view  consistent with a “fear of being approached” view  demographic groups o sexism o ageism o poverty… ism  underlying sources; why do we eval members of some groups so negatively?  Five processes/mechanisms will be discussed o Evolution o Socialization o Competition for resources o Cognitive processes o Moticational processes  Evolution  Humans evolved in small groups that often had confluctial relationships with surrounding outgroups  Negative outcomes often resulted from contact with outgroups o Violence o Slavery o Disease  Led to innate suspicion/fear of outgroup members  Mere exposure effect is the opposing tendency to prefer known or familiar things  Socialization  Children are often taught extremely negative views of outgroups  Discriminatory behaviours can be rewarded by parents and peer groups  Competition for resources  When scarce, may be competing against outgroups  Arouses negative feelings and dislike for opponents  Sense of us vs them  Lack of success causes frustration and resentment  Cognitive processes  When negative stereotypes exist, they can lead directly to discrimination  Can also lead to biased information prcessing o We are more likely to notice consistent information o More likely to interpret ambiguous information as consistent o Easier to retrieve consistent information from memory  Bc we process information in a biased way: o Erroneous negative streotypes may not be disconfirmed when they should be o In fact, may even get stronger o Those the stereotype is against may internalize normative views and stereotype against themselves  Self-fulfilling prophecy: o Perceiver’s expectancy about target  Work supervisor believes members of a group are lazy o Perceiver’s behaviour toward target  Treats members suspiciously and gives them little responsibility o Target behaviour matches expectancy  Members perceive they are disliked and do not work hard (act lazy)  Motivational processes 
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