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Lecture 3

Psychology 3780F/G Lecture 3: Psychology 3780 - Lab

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Western University
Psychology 3780F/G
Erin Heerey

Lab Western eJournals: excellent resource for browsing past journal issues or locating a specific article quickly. PsycTHERAPY, Eric Plus Text, Social Sciences Citation Index Western Library Catalogue, PsycINFO and Google Scholar are also solid resources. RefWorks Electronic database of references imported directly from PsycINFO Generates APAformatted references for papers. Make sure to check for errors. Owl: Purdue Online Writing Lab Most uptodate formattingstyle information available. Does not generate a citation for you, but gives you a template. Four major types of articles Theoretical (secondary) o Discussion of existing research to (a) expand and refine psychological constructs and (b) lay the groundwork for future research on the topic. Empirical (primary) o Report of one or more specific studiesexperiments. Review o Summary of the literature on a specific research topic. Metaanalysis o Lay out search criteria beforehand (in methods) o Broad conclusions about a research topic based on statistical analysis of many empirical studies. o Could be biased based on what conclusions support their side. Sections of an article Abstract Introduction o Literature review, the present research, hypotheses Methods o Participants, materials, procedure Results Discussion o Limitations, implications, future directions References What to look for when reading: Key theories or findings (introdiscussion) o What is the takehome message? Controversies (introdiscussion) o What are the current points of debate on the topic? Competing theories (introdiscussion) o How does the article fit in with the existing literature? Important omissions (methodsresults) o What did the author(s) leave out (or leave in) and why? Alternative explanations (methodsresults) o Is there a differentbetter explanation for the results? Key references o What are the classic papers on this topic? Important theorists o Who are the big names in this area of psychology?
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