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Psychology 1000
Lynn Jackson

Carnism: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows November 30, 2012  Goal : to raise awareness of the invisible ism to create justice What is the Gap?  Delicious or disgusting? o Change in perception  Type of animal consumed varies by culture, but each culture often finds the meat eaten in other cultures as disgusting  Why are we not disgusted by the meat we eat?  Ask why?  When it comes to animals, there is a gap in our consciousness because we do not make the connection between the meat on your plate and the animal it comes from.  Gap blocks awareness and real thoughts and feelings about our meat  Often not aware of the choice involved in eating meat  Without awareness, there is no free choice What causes the Gap? Consequences  Gaps only become visible when they start to disappear  Even rational people are able to just stop thinking when it comes to the truth about animals  Vegan =veganism, vegetarian =vegetarianism, people who eat meat????  There is an individual belief system that conditions us to eat certain animals: CARNISM o An invisible, entrenched system that shapes o Dominant and violent idiologies use a set of social and psychological defense mechanisms o Denial o Invisibility –why eating animals appears as a given, instead of a choice o If the problem is invisible…there there will be ethical invisibility  124,000 farmed animals are killed globally every MINUTE o 65 billion per year  99% of meat, eggs and dairy that are consumed are found in inaccessible by non-industry people BY LAW to keep from shutting down the industry  125 billion dollar industry in the states  One of the most significant contributors to environmental issues today  When invisibi
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