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Western University
Psychology 1000
Erica Lawson

humor. Note as well the section on language acquisition. Chapter 9: Thought & Language How is thought organized? While this seems like a pretty straight forward question it is quite difficult to answer, partly because I can’t get at thought directly. Perhaps the Imbest way to think about thought is in logical, abstract terms. Thought is characterized by the use of concepts. Note the discussion of types of reasoning. Also important is !Languagehe linguistic relativity hypothesis, which suggests a connection between thought and language. !Conceptual Thinking 3. Can Animals Learn Language? !Can Animals Learn Language This is the focus of the Frontiers section for this chapter. !Problem Solvings been quite a lot of research on this topic, and the answer has gone from maybe, to a definite “no”, to a bit of !Heuristicsertainty. Other animals cannot learn to speak in the same way that humans can, but perhaps they can communicate. You should be familiar with the limitations of animal language and the methods that have been used to examine communication. 4. Problem Solving One way to see how people think is to get them to solve In this chapter, we’ll look at how adults think, how they problem solve, and what exactly is a language. A couple of questions for you to consider. What’s the relation between thinking and language? Do they go hand in hand? We’ll try to answer some of representation, an inappropriate use of heuristics, or an these questions in this chapter. improper analysis of when a solution has been reached. A common problem in this area
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