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Psychology 1000
Emilie Rivers

Chapter 8 – Memory Nov. 30 Memory  Information Processing Model  STM vs. LTM  What is Memory  Next Time: Cognition & Affect  Scan: p 318 – 342  How is memory organized?  What exactly is memory?  Dec 13 2pm Alumni Hall gym (201)  Acquisition: Encoding o Getting info into memory o Memory Trace o Retention (storage)  Retrieval: o Decoding  Information  Sensory Register  Sensory Register  Information “held” for a fraction of a second  Trace fades quickly, but you know its there o Visual  Icon o Auditory  Echo  Other registers very poor o Imagine a smell of a rose, hard to remember (easier to remember picture) Short Term Memory STM  Working memory  Material “held” by Rehearsal o You repeat it to yourself  No rehearsal o Info lost o …Forgetting  Shelf-life of 20 seconds  Rapidly lost unless we actively do something with it  Note: o 1. 7  2 items  “Chunking” helps o 2. Forgetting  Decay  Material gets old, fades away over time  Interference  New material pushes old out Chapter 8 – Memory Nov. 30 o 3. Decay & Interference  Acoustic Coding  Ex. Cook book Car
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