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Psychology 1000

Sept 18 2012Research MethodsMore Study Tips Scientific Method Research Design Next time MethodsBio Bases Scan Chapt 2p6975Todays Question How do we validate claims How do you design an experiment What are the advantages of the experimental methodGetting the Most from LectureActive listening important o Attend to speakeranticipateRead aheadWrite speakers comments in your own wordsAttend to cluesAsk questionsPrediction for lying 1 or 20 Festinger 1957 Cognitive DissonanceScientific Method 1 Identify the problemformulate hypothesis 2 Designexecute the experimentvariablescontrol 3 Determine the truth 4 Communicate the results1 Identify Problem Hypothesis tentative statement about a relation between 2 or more events Theoryo Collection of hypotheses o An organizing system o More general elaborate o Prediction in hypotheses come from theories ie more violence you see the more violent you become comes from social learning theory o Good theories generate good testable hypotheses ie Theory of Relativity Compare o Freudian Theory theory of relativity is tested more easily than Freudian Theory o Behavior Theory could be measured It is better theory than Freudian Theory because it is more easily tested It generates testable hypotheses
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