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Lecture 10

Psychology 1000 Lecture 10: oct 18 lec statistics

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Psychology 1000

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Psychology 1000 October 18, 2016 Statistics: ➢ Distributions Questions to be answered: ✓ How do statistics help us understand ➢ Central tendency data? ➢ Variability ✓ How do you calculate measures of Next Time: Review Read: chapter 1-4 + Appendix central tendency? ✓ What does variance mean? Movie violence: Black and Bevan (1992)- aggression scale to movie-goers before or after violent or nonviolent movie • People who went to aggressive movie they were more aggressive after they left the movie. Maybe there is an issue with film and violence. Problem with this study: short- term, different initial violence scores/correlational study might only affect people who are prone to violence anyways North American: • % households with 1 or more TVs: 99 • average number of TVs per house: 2.24 • % who watch while eating dinner: 66 • average daily viewing: 6h 47 mins • number of Netflix subscribers: 81 million Statistics: • average Canadian family has 2.3 children went down to 1.9 • car “X” get average 39km/L • student grades – collection of numbers= Distribution (ex., distribution of grades of 8 students) • normally when we look at distributions in psychology- we represent it in a different form= frequency distribution how often the scores occur • we turn this into a plot: o it makes it easy to see what score is seen more frequently (mode- number occurred most often) ➢ stats are simplified with a few numbers… 3 Measures of Central Tendency: 1. Mean (represented by X with bar on top or just
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