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Lecture 1

Psychology 1000 Lecture 1: Introduction to Psych

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Psychology 1000
Terrence Biggs

Psych 1000 Study Sheet- Fall 2016 i) definitions of new terms, ii) essential explanations of the specific argument, iii) examples, iv) results of studies. - Do old exams, wuck notes, verbal discussion - Create a study section on famous psychologists/ theorists discussed in class Introduction Biological Perspective ➢ Brain processes, biochemical processes, genetic factors • Mind-body dualism vs. monism • Electricity- Luigi Galvani • Electrical imaging • Evolution- natural selection • Sociobiology • Identical and fraternal twin studies Cognitive Perspective ➢ Humans as info processors and problem solvers • Structuralism and Functionalism • Modern cognitive science- Artificial intelligence, cog.neurosci., social constructivism • Uncertainty/ ambiguity • Automated behaviour- Stroop effect • Sensation and perception- the Visual Cliff (Gibson, 1960) and depth perception The Behavioural Perspective ➢ Role of the environment in shaping behaviour; emphasis on rewards and punishments • Radical behaviourism - humans as responders - B.F. Skinner • Cognitive behaviourism- observed behaviour; interaction btwn mental +environment • The way people behave in a study is empirical evidence. The Psychodynamic Perspective ➢ Focuses on unconscious processes, unresolved past conflicts, childhood, psychosexual stages of dev’ment • Sigmund Freud - Initially a neurologist - Brain mechanisms of emotion - Su
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