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Lecture 38

Psychology 1000 Lecture 38: Media Violence

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Psychology 1000

REVIEW SESSION: FRIDAY 2PM SOCIAL SCI 2050 • TV Images • Research evidence • What can be done? o Next time: Groups o Scan: p. 494 - 498; 504 - 510 What content do we find on TV? What types of evidence are available? Does TV violence cause aggression? Counteracting Obedience 1. Personal Responsibility a. Obedience drops dramatically 2. Disobedient models a. 2 confederates refuse b. Obedience drops to 10% Media Violence • People can get influenced by media - Network productions Television • By the age of: o 5 - 2-3 hours per day o 10 - 4-6 hours per day o 18 - Witnessed more than 40,000 murders o 18 - More time watching TV than in school • 99% of households have at least one TV set o More than households with bathtub or telephone o On average, set is on 7 hours per day o #1 consumer of network televisions - Women, preschoolers, retired people TV Content • Barker & Ball (1969), Waters & Malamud (1975) 1. 8 out of 10 shows contain violence - 80% 2. Act of violence occurs every 16 minutes 3. Murder every 31 minutes 4. 93.5% of cartoons contain violence 5. "Good-Guys" as violence as "Bad-Guys" 6. Pain and suffering rarely shown 7. About 50% of killers do not suffer - Get away with it without punishment 8. Most people believe that there is too much violence TV Images 1. Violence is more likely from minorities 2. Strangers should not be trusted 3. Whites do not get killed as often as non-whites 4. Police are frequently violent 5. Violence and killing are painless 6. Violence often goes unpunished 7. Both good and bad people use violence 8. Violence is a successful means to an end Poll from CBS (1980) • Prime Time: Average of 1.6 violent acts per hour o 6.4 acts per day o 2336 acts per year Signorielli et al. (1982) • 80% of all TV shows contain some violence • 71% of prime time shows • 94% of "children's" weekend shows • Averages of 5.2 violent acts per hour Gerber (1993) • 67% of Prime Time contains some kind of violence National TV Violence Study (1997) • 10,000 programs • 60% contain violence Parents Television Council (2009) • Monitored prime time programming during "sweeps" (Feb and May) • A total of 3929 acts of violence o Average of 23.39 per hour Parents Television Council (2013_ • Gun or bladed weapon every 3 minute Criminal Minds • Average of 52.8 acts of violence per episode (1 every 68 seconds) Does TV violence cause aggression? Does TV violence influence aggression? Research Evidence: 1. Modelling Studies 1. Bandura (1971) i. Bobo doll ii. Film showing beating the Bobo doll - Teacher beating it iii. Kids copy the teacher from the film exactly as the teacher did iv. They model the behaviour v. Children can acquire new aggressive responses not previously a their disposal vi. However, acquisition not equal to performance - Just because I learned to use a hammer, doesn't mean I necessarily will vii. Critics say you can not prove causality - This will not happen in real life 2. Laboratory Studies
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