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Lecture 42

Psychology 1000 Lecture 42: Freud 2

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Western University
Psychology 1000

• Model of Mind • Defense Mechanisms • Tapping the Unconscious Next time: Other Approaches and Disorders Scan: p. 532 - 538; 600 - 609 Questions: • How does an individual deal with extreme anxiety? • What are defense mechanisms? • How can you get information about the unconscious mind? • Unavoidable or unpredictable stress Psychodynamic Theory • Id - Urges • Ego - Manager • Superego - Mortality o At first, the ego only has to worry about external reality o Over time, super ego is making "demands" as well • Freud says you are always in a state of anxiety Anxiety is very unpleasant • Avoid or reduce o How? • If threat is in real world, flee and avoid • Rational move by EGO What about threat from within? • Really want forbidden object or behaviour • Can't stop thinking about it - remove from consciousness - REPRESSION • Everyone that does not feel anxious and feels good is in a state of REPRESSION Existence is being pushed forward by libidinal energy • For ID, thinking and doing are the same • EGO must control the thought • Devote some mental energy to keep though (memories, feelings, etc.) out of awareness • EGO uses repression as DEFENSE MECHANISMS • Find a way to keep thoughts out of consciousness - Repression is difficult and can't be done all the time Other defense mechanisms • Repression often incomplete • Takes energy • Urges re-surface with anxiety • EGO needs reinforcement 1. Displacement a. When ID can not achieve primary goal, a secondary goal is fashioned as outlet i. Ex. Displaced aggression ii. Ex. Want to punch the boss but punches the wall instead - The aggression is displaced b. Note: Not always negative i. Ex. Sucking a lollipop c. Subset of displacement: Sublimation i. Urge redirected in line with SUPEREGO ii. A positive displacement iii. Ex. Arts, sports, creativity, hobbies - Painting of you punching the boss iv. Artwork is SUBLIMATED URGES 2. Reaction Formation a. With displacement, urge re-channeled to "safe" route b. May have to block urge completely c. Here, repressed wish is warded off by engaging in the diametrical opposite d. Ex. You hate your sister and have been punished for this jealous behaviour - Shower sister with exaggerated love - Smothered until she tries to stay away e. Note: Hostility often shows i. Love is "stifling" and sister probably feels smothered by it f. Note: Negation i. "I don't hate my sister" 3. Rationalization a. Urge reinterpreted in acceptable terms b. Ex. Harsh punishment is "for child's own good" i. Believed because the parent didn't have ____ as a child, their child can't either c. "Sour grapes" effect i. When you really want something but you can't get it so you convince yourself it wasn't even worth getting it anyways 4. Projection a. Own urges seen in others b. "I hate you" becomes "you hate me" c. It’s not me, it's you d. Note: The urge is still recognized as hate e. Talk about how other people hate you 5. Isolation a. Memories allowed back into consciousnes
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