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Psychology 1000

Social Development February 7, 2013  Next time: Growing Old  Scan: Finish Chapter 12  Agenda: o Critique of Piaget o Attachment o Contact Comfort  Questions: o Was Piaget “right”? o What are the roots of human attachment? o How do infants “bond” with mom and dad?  Stage Milestones  Sensory motor object permanence  Preoperational conservation egocentrism  Concrete operations logical thought  Formal operations Abstract thought  Problems? o Object permanence  the existence of other minds o we ”know” that other people exist o Piaget => learning o Morton and Johnson (1991)  Some “hard-wiring”  Preferential looking o Nine minutes after birth  Look image look like a human face and another does not, they both composed of the same shapes  The infant picks the one looks like human face  Subcortical mechanism o Note:  May be problems in methodology as well o Conservation: “which row has more faces or do they both have the same?” o Egocentrism:  Mountains => O.K.  Other scenes => No problem  Familiar scenes o If they know the scene, familiar with the scene, they can do reverse thinking, tell you what the “bear can see”  Passing photos to mom o So, young child does have rudimentary understanding of other viewpoints  Does this extend to  Motive?  Beliefs?  Understanding Intentions o Are kids aware of …  Motives?  Deception? o They knows what’s going on, they can figure out o Shultz and Cloghesy (1981) (cross-sectional study)  Card games with 3.5, 5.5, 7.5, 9.5 year olds  Guess colour (red or black) of next card  Initially, experimenter “cues”  After 4 correct guesses, “tricks” child  3.5: won few cards never mentioned competition  5.5: won many cards mentioned competition o Based on Piaget, too early  9.5: won many cards aware of deception o “I know what you th
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