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Psychology 1000

Social Influence February 28, 2012  Next Time: Groups  Scan: pages 512 – 516  Agenda: o Conforming to the Majority o Obedience to Authority  Question: o Why do people conform? o Why do people obey? o Is this a “normal” or an “abnormal” behaviour?  Does TV violence cause aggression? o Maybe  Training o Eron (1982)  3 hour session  Discriminate fantasy from real life (e.g. use of special effects)  Children less aggressive, even at 1 year follow-up  Social Influence o Norms: conventions, customs and laws that apply to a group’s behaviour  Conformity: o A change in attitude, behaviour or belief brought about by the real or imagined pressure from others  Conflict  Social influence o Conformity  Private Acceptance  One accepts them and go along with it  Compliance  Don’t believe it but it’s the right thing to do, go with the flow or be an outcast  Bad o Non Conformity  Independence  Group pressure, but remain by one’s own beliefs, don’t get moved,  Anti-conformity  Influenced by the group, but do the opposite, trolling the group, not going along, but influenced by them  Subtle Influence o Models  Our behaviour may be shaped by models, even in absence of direct intentional influence o Response Disinhibition  Model performs desired, but prohibited act  E.g.  Crossing on red  Media violence  Increase in suicides following 35 highly publicized suicides in 1950-1969 (Phillips, 1989)  200 after M. Monroe in 1962  Response Facilitation o Model performs “legal” behaviour… then we copy  E.g. Yawning and head nodding o Candid Conformity o Trivial?  Wells and Petty (1980)  When reading an essay about raising tuition. When experimenter reading the essay, his either nodding head or shaking head  At the end, people more likely to agree to r
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