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Psychology 1000

Cognitive Development February 5, 2013  Next Time: Social Development  Scan: page 459 - 466  Agenda: o Piaget’s Theory o Stages of Development o Support  Questions: o How do young children think? o How do these cognitive processes change over time? o Does everyone support Piaget?  Newborns can discriminate different odour  What influences Development o Nature vs. Nurture o Stage vs. Continuous o Normative vs. Individual o Cross-sectional vs. Longitudinal  Jean Piaget and Cognitive Development o 1. Sensory – Motor intelligence (0 – 2 years) o 2. Preoperational (2 – 7 years) o 3. Period of Concrete Operations (7 – 11 years) o 4. Period of Formal Operations (11 years +)  Sensory – Motor Stage o Nothing exists apart from child’s own perceptions and motor reactions o No self-concept o Look at organization of sensory and motor reactions  (Piaget -> Schema)  At birth… variety of reflexes o At first, schemas operate in isolation o Coordination of activities not present until 5 months (both hands… 7 months) o Pseudoimitation present  Child can imitate, but only if actions just produced, cannot code in, cannot perform after time has elapsed o Importance of sensory (visual) feedback e.g. stick out tongue, babies will not do it because they can only see it other people, but he don’t know that if he can do it o Rough acquisition by 11 – 12 months  18 – 24 months o Efficient imitation o Representational thought  External world exists  Represented by some symbol o Object permanence  Someone who doesn’t show object permanence is stuck on the sen
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