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Psychology 1000

Freud II March 19, 2013  Next Time: Other Approaches and Disorders  Scan page: 550 – 556; 623 – 628  Agenda: o Model of Mind o Defense Mechanisms o Tapping the Unconscious  Question: o What is Freud’s model of the mind and personality? o How does an individual deal with extreme anxiety? o How can you get information about the unconscious mind?  Jay was diagnosed with gastric ulcers. All else being equal, jay was likely exposed to o Unavoidable stress and unpredictable stress  Psychodynamic Theory o Id -> urges o Ego -> manager o Superego -> morality o Note:  Difficult position of ego  ID and SUPEREGO are often in conflict o If EGO obeys SUPEREGO  ID may not be satisfied o If EGO follows ID  SUPEREGO may punish  Iceberg Analogy o Above water is conscious mind o Blow water is the unconscious o Iceberg, more underwater o ID is below water, unconscious, very big, demanding constantly o EGO is half above and half below, talks to ID and SUPERGEO o SUPERGEO is also half above and half below, talk to EGO and ID in the unconscious mind  Unconscious Conflict o Interaction of ID, EGO and SUPEREGO results in constant struggle  Generate ANXIETY o Reality Anxiety  EGO’s fear of real world threats o Neurotic Anxiety  EGO’s fear of ID’s desires o Moral Anxiety  EGO’s fear of guilt from the SUPEREGO  Anxiety is very unpleasant o Avoid or reduce o How?  If threat is in real world, flee and avoid  Rational move by EGO  What about threat from within? o Really want forbidden object or behaviour o Can’t stop thinking about it  Remove from consciousness  REPRESSION  For ID, thinking and doing are the same o EGO must control the thought o Devote some mental energy to keep thought (memories, feelings, etc.) out of awareness o EGO uses repression as DEFENSE MECHANISM  Other Defense Mechanisms o Repression of ten incomplete o Takes energy o Urges re-surface with anxiety o EGO needs reinforcement  Displacement o When ID cannot achieve primary goal, a secondary goal is fashioned as outlet  E.g. displace aggression o Note: not always negative  E.g. sucking a lollipop o Sublimation  Urge redirected in line with SUPEREGO
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