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Psychology 1000

Introductory Psychology 1000 Sec 002 March 27, 2013 Semester Two Assignment Instructor: Dr. TC Biggs Sigmund Freud and Personality Instructions: Below you will find a series of statements concerning Freud’s theory of Personality. There are 44 statements with 80 blanks organized according to Five Sub Topics of the Theory Your task is to correctly complete each statement by placing the proper terms in the blanks. Some of the terms may be used more than once, some may be interchangeable and some may not be used at all. You have until Wednesday March 27, 2013 at 3:30 PM to complete this assignment. You bring the completed assignment to class on the due date to hand it in. The completed assignment should consist of the last page of this handout where the terms are placed in the numbered blanks as they correspond to the order of the blanks in the statements. Terms Id Ego Studies on Hysteria Pleasure Reaction Formation Breuer Manifest Displaced Aggression Functionalism Latent Free Association Speech pathology Repressed Unconscious James Penis Envy Memory hypnosis Phallic Mother Father Motivated Forgetting Repressors Descartes Internal (or unconscious) Erogenous Zones Anna O Reality Superego Espinoza Wish Fulfillment Day Residues motivational Psychosexual Rationalization scientific Psychoanalysis Resistance sexual Oral Castrated Leibnez Genital Oedipus Complex mechanistic determinism Latency Period Psychoanalytic Charcot Neo-Freudians Sensitizers causality Anal Structuralism 1890 Neurology Wundt 1882 1895 1899 1910 Agnosia dissociation Darwin or Darwin’s Super ego hysteria philosophy Childhood nature four Five dynamic personality The Origins of Psychoanalytic Thought 1. Prior to the work of Freud the schools of psychology known as (1)_______________,and (2)_________________ established by earlier psychologists such as (3)__________________ and (4)___________________ dominated the investigations of human behaviour through an exploration of mans ability to sense and perceive the world around him. 2. Even before psychology existed many philosophers such as (5)_________________, (6)__________________ and (7)_______________ had considered (8)_________________ phenomenon. 3. What makes Freud so important is that none before him had ever considered the strong (9)_________________ role of the (10)_______________ in directing human behaviour nor had anyone developed a (11)________________ means for its examination. 4. Freud did not develop his theory in a vacuum as the views of others such as (12)________________ put forward by Hemholtz and the French views of (13)_______________ as well as views of association by Galt, (14)_______________ and Kraepel and (15)_______________ ideas of species development over time all were studied by Freud and came to bew incorporated in his theory. 5. The treatises on (16)_______________ by both Gothe and (17)_________________ were what most influenced Freud to choose a career in medicine. 6. Although some critics of Freud have suggested his intellectual abilities were sub standard because it took him eight years to complete his medical degree it is more likely that this time was a result of his wide breadth of interest in many aspects of the non-medical curriculum such as(18)__________________. 7. In fact while studying medicine Freud became fluent in at least (19) ______________ languages. 8. While examining the work of Ernst Brucke Freud became enthused by the idea that man was a (20) __________________ system, although within the constraints of the laws of nature, a view which was to have its influence on the development of his (21)__________________ theory. 9. After abandoning his initial goal to become a teacher of medicine Freud concentrated on the field of (22)________________ and in particular the area of (23) _________________. 10. During this period of his career Freud coined the term(24)________________ to describe the inability to assign meaning to sensory inputs. 11. It was also during this time in his career that Freud began to work with (25)_______________ a very influential practioner who involved Freud in the crucial case of (26)_______________. 12. Another important aspect which affect Freud’s theory was that this person introduced Freud to the use of (27) _______________ and demonstrated how material discussed in this state led to the ameliorating of the patients symptoms. 13. The effectiveness of this approach sensitized Freud to the importance of the (28)________________ in affecting behaviour. 14. While working with (29)_______________ in France, also a proponent of (30)___________________ Freud was exposed to discussions between many practioners which revealed that the emotional problems of many of their patients had a (31)______________ basis. 15. Upon his return to Germany Freud gave a lecture to the Viennese medical community concerning male (32)_______________ and the technique of (33)________________ which was very poorly received and led to his ostracization from the mainstream of Viennese medicine. 16. It was largely due to the non-acceptance of (34)_________________ which led Freud to seek another means of having hysteric patients reveal their emotional problems. This technique became known as the technique of (35)_________________. 17. Basic to the use of this new technique is a belief in (36)_________________ or that all thoughts have a reason for being. 18. While using his new technique Freud noticed that there was an inexorable progress of patients into a discussion of (37)_______________ memories. 19. Freud also noticed that an overwhelming number of his patients, and those of his colleagues, anxiety provoking memories centered upon (38)_______________ matters. 20. In (39)________________ Freud and Breuer published (40) _______________ and (41)_______________ was
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