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Lecture 3

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Psychology 1000

Psychology Lecture 3 1. What do psychologists do? 2. Who are the pioneers of psychology? 3. How do we determine which claims about psychology are valid? What do psychologists do?  43% are clinical psychologists, people that see patients and clients with a variety of perspectives, deal with people 1 on 1 to deal with their issues. Usually situated in clinics or hospitals, but can also be in schools or such  11% are counseling psychologists, deal with people that have small mental issues, not clinically diagnosable issues  4% are developmental psychologists, concerned with what happens when an organism is born until they reach adulthood. Interested in children, growing up, and brain development, looking at things over time  5% are educational psychologists, what is a good way to teach, to learn. Work frequently in research labs or research institutions or even schools. Concerned with educational system primarily  8% are experimental psychologists, open practice and research through experimentation  7% are industrial/organizational psychologists, workplace factors. Employee retention, how to hire people, how to reward people. Business setting.  2% are personality psychologists, concerned with traits, personality and people’s development of personality. Trying to identify stable personality traits  7% are school psychologists, work in schools to council students. School and education related subject. Frequently see students in a school setting, not really research or university people.  4% are social psychologists, deal with aggression, attraction, conformity etc. Many fields of psychology originated from here.  9% are others. Pioneers of Psychology  Rene Descartes o How neural systems work, concerned with how brain gets signals and how we receive sensations and react to things (reflex arc)  Gustav Fechner o Wrote huge philosophical thesis o Designed ways to measure psychological phenomenon o Perception tests came from some of his methods  Wilhelm Wundt o Credited as the founder of psychology, created first psychological lab o Structuralist, believed we could be broken down like a chemical compound o Nobody believed that he founded the first psych lab  William James o Claims that he was the one to make the first psych lab, he didn’t though, Wundt beat him by 3 moths o Functionalist, strong influence on founding of psychology o Wrote first textbook on psychology in 1881-1882  Mary Calkins o Wanted to study psychology, fascinated with James’ work and she went to Harvard to study under him o Dean of Harvard was very against her coming,
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