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Lecture 5

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Western University
Psychology 1000

Psychology Lecture 5 1. What are some sources of bias in an experiment? 2. What is the basic structure of a neuron? 3. How do neurons work? Within Groups Design  All subjects exposed to all conditions o Potential order effect, watch violence first then non-violence second, creates uncertainty in results  Need to counterbalance Measure Aggression  Self-report  Verbal attack  Physical attack o Give you access to a shock machine after angering you, and see how bad you shock the other person o Given a chance to shock someone that angers you, and measures your aggression  “Safe” attack Threats to Validity  Internal Validity (want this to be high) o Degree to which experiment supports causal conclusion  External Validity o Degree to which results can be generalized  Demand Characteristics o Cues in experiment convey hypothesis to participants o They “help” experimenter o If I figure out what you’re looking for, I’ll help you get it  Makes study inaccurate  Experimenter Expectancy o Experimenter “conveys” hypothesis to participants  Suggests a certain outcome, makes study inaccurate Testing FAQ  What do lab experiments tell us about everyday life?  Doesn’t behavior depend on one’s culture or gender or personality?  What do animal experiments tell us about human behavior?  Is it ethical to experiment on animals? o Make a judgement call, scientific value just as valuable as safety  Is it ethical to experiment on humans? o Have to pass tons of reviews and audits to make sure that the study can happen  How do I figure out whether my study worked or not? o Look at the data, what do the numbers say about the experiment?  Have to use statistics, way of looking at the data to see if study worked The Nervous System 1. Descartes  Stimuli transferred from periphery to brain and reflected back  How? a. Animal Spirits, believed that otherworldly forces made us feel things in certain ways i. Our veins are hollow tubes filled with an ethereal gas  Importa
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