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Psychology 1000

Psychology Lecture 2 What are the different approaches to psychology? What do psychologists do? Who were the pioneers of psychology? Psychology: The scientific study of behavior and the mind E.G Boring: “Psychology has a long past, but a short history.” Psychology has been around and in development for a long time, however only at 1879 was it recognized as a science and offered as a discipline Explanations of Behavior: There are many ways to describe behaviors 3 Levels of Explanation: (Each of these elements influences one another) 1. Biological Factors (Brain and physical attributes) 2. Individual and Psychological Factors 3. Cultural and Environmental Factors Biological Factors:  Neural structures, hormonal structures, neurochemicals  Try to understand a behavior or phenomenon using study of brain and chemicals  Looking at the brain and its connections Individual and Psychological Factors:  Learning process, how the individual thinks  Not a brain based study, but looking at cognitive processes and activities  For example, violent people may have a history of violence in the home -> understand the history and thinking patterns of the individual Cultural and Environmental Factors:  Value system, the cultural norms and activities  In the case of aggression, some cultures do not reward aggression while others do, so this influences how people act there  If a type of behavior is supported or not outlawed, people in that culture may be more aggressive  Heat frustrates people, so hot places may house more aggressive people Schools of Psychology: (Know how to distinguish between them, possible exam questi
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