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Lecture 4

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Western University
Psychology 1000

Psychology Lecture 4 1. How do we validate claims? 2. How do you design an experiment? 3. What are the advantages of the experimental method? Scientific Method: 1. Identify Problem a. Hypothesis: Tentative statement about a relation between 2 or more events b. Theory: i. Collection of hypotheses ii. An organizing system iii. More general, elaborate iv. Good theories generate good (testable) hypotheses eg. Theory of Relativity v. Compare: 1. Freudian Theory (only concerns mind and behavior, doesn’t generate concrete evidence 2. Behavior Theory (can be tested, technically the “better theory” 2. Design and Excecute Experiment a. Indentify Variables i. Independent -> Manipulated ii. Dependent -> Measured iii. Independent Causes Dependent iv. Control, we want to say that independent causes dependent but without proper control the experiment is confounded v. Look at the funding source of an experiment, it may influence what is published 3. Determine the “truth” a. Do your results support the hypothesis? Are there any REAL differences? -> Statistics 4. Communicate Results a. Publish a report in journal b. Present a verbal description of results at a convention
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