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Lecture 14

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Western University
Psychology 1000

Psychology Lecture 1 The Retina, Single Cell Recording, Lateral Inhibition  How do rods and cones work?  How does the visual system enhance images?  How can we explain phantom spots?  Ganglion cells first stage on outer range of retina o Retina  Connected to bipolar neuron  Connected to receptor  This is where info is decoded and sent to the optic nerve  Horizontal cells also used, inhibitory from receptor to ganglion  Clean up image on the way to ganglion  Rods and Cones o Duplex Theory  2 kinds of ways to decode a visual signal, with rods and cones o 120 million rods o 7 million cones o Rods  Operate at low intensity  Sensitive for brightness  None in Fovea  Monochrome  No color and are very sensitive  Pick up low sources of light o Cones  Operate at higher intensities  Insensitive for brightness o At low levels of light, they won’t work  Concentrated in Fovea  Full color o How do rods and cones work?  Visual pigments  Photosensitive
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