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Lecture 15

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Western University
Psychology 1000

Psychology Lecture 15 Lateral inhibition, visual cortex and Gestalt Laws  How does lateral inhibition work?  How does the cortex code visual stimuli?  What are the Gestalt rules for perception?  Lateral inhibition o Shining lights and measuring frequency of firing  House lights, about 5 mv  All lights off and one bright spotlight, increase frequency of firing  Stimulating receptor cell  If you have 3 receptors, the middle one higher will increase firing o If you excite one side, it goes down from max o Middle shining gets max  Side shining gets minimum  This is measuring receptive field  The center is the on center  Recoriding from visual cortex o Electrical signal from brain generated from recording electrode from eyes to brain o Hubel and Wiesel  Retinal ganglion cell respond to spots of light  In cortex, response is to a slit of light  Cortical cells respond to lines  Are orientation specific and motion sensitive  Simple cell o Fires to a slit at a particular orientation on a specific retinal location, stationary o Retinal ganglion cells  Has to be vertical line movement for the on center to work  They are arranged vertically, so they can only recognize vertical lines of light when shot vertically and this generates the
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