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Lecture 17

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Psychology 1000

Psychology Lecture 17 Cicadian Rhythms, Consciousness, Sleep Stages  What are the daily rhythms affecting humans?  What is consciousness?  What happens when we sleep?  Circadian rhythms o Daily cycles  Blood pressure  Body temperature  Chemical concentrations o 25 hour clock  Time frame that takes people to do these things  Peak levels in late afternoon  Best time for physical tasks o Suprachiasmatic nucleus  Clump of cells above optic chiasm  Internal timing mechanism in hypothalamus  Daylight stimulates the SCN, which inhibits production of melatonin in pineal gland  Photosensitive ganglion cells are stimulated and melanopsin (blue light) is also seen  darkness removes the inhibition, resulting in more melatonin, therefore we feel tired  Disturbances o Jet lag and shift work o Phase advance more difficult than phase delay  For example, flying from Vancouver to Halifax is more problematic rather than the other way around o Take melatonin?  Jury is still out, don’t know if it works or is safe  Seems safe  More effective for delay  Probably works by relieving daytime fatigue o Jet lag avoidance  Hydrate on plane  Avoid alcohol  Get up and stretch
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