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Psychology 1000

Psychology Lecture 21 Schedules of reinforcement, cognitive approach, behavior therapy  Is there more than association to learning?  How important is control to psychological health?  How can conditioning help us to treat psychological disorders?  Temporal relationship o Can reinforcement be delayed?  Yes  But most effective if presented immedietly  Shape professor response o Notion of operants o Response reinforcement bond is critical, responses that get reinforced are more likely to occur  Schedules of reinforcement o Continuous reinforcement  Reinforce every correct response  Fixed ratio (FR) o Give certain amount  Variable ratio (VR) o On average, reinforce, every nth correct response  Fixed interval (FI) o Reinforce first correct response after a certain time has elapsed o Eg. FI 1 minute  Reinforce first correct response after 1 minute  Variable Interval (VI) o Reinforce first correct response after a certain time has elapsed, on the average Partial Reinforcement Effect  Experience with extinction, maintains responding because reinforcement is unpredictable  Partial better than continuous o VR or VI are most resistant to extinction Isn’t all the conditioning stuff just common sense?  Cognitive approach o Learning is not mechanical stamping in process o Involves formation of cognitions, th
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