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Lecture 11

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Psychology 1000

Psychology Lecture 11  Adaptation and Selection  Aggression  Weapons Effect 1. Isn’t all behaviour due to genes ultimately? 2. How does adaptation work? 3. Is aggression innate? Tay Sachs Disease  Normal development then: blind, deaf, unable to swallow  Muscle atrophy, mental impairment  Fatal by age of 4 Huntington’s Disease  Rare dominant gene on autosome pair 4  Occurrence: 1 in 16,000  Onset: 35-45 years o At first clumsy and forgetful o Marked by progressive deterioration in:  Muscle control (chorea)  I.Q  Brain atrophy  Terminal in 10-20 years o Dominant -> offspring has 50% chance of acquiring o Detection possible through gene mapping Sex-Linked Disorders  Found on XX or XY o Men are more susceptible than women  The Y chromosome is short and less info on it  Most diseases are X linked, therefore women have a backup and men do not  Examplse  Baldness  Red-Green color blindness  Hemophilia Chromosome Disorders  Sex Chromosomes o Normal is XX or XY o Can get XXX, X0, XXY  Down Syndrome st o 1 extra chromosome on 21 pair o Marked by:  Nervous system abnormality  Mild to moderate retardation  Shorter life expectancy  Physical appearance (Mongolism)  Due to accumulation of Amyloid protein (also in Alzheimer’s patients)  Can alleviate symptoms with intensive cognitive stimulation  Not hereditary, due to faulty meiotic division  Incidence related to mom and dad’s age o Risk about 1 in 1000, past 40 years of age: 6 in 1000 Evolution  Collapse timeline into 365 days where 1 day is 9.6 million years
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