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Lecture 18

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Psychology 1000

Psychology Lecture 18 Theories of sleep, Sleep Disorders, Dream Content  Why do we sleep?  What causes sleep disorders?  What do we dream about?  Why do we sleep? o Restorative function  Sleep deprivation  After 72 hours of no sleep people are: o Having attention lapse o Irritability o Cannot function well o But there is very little effect on task performance o Evolutionary benefit  Webb (1975)  Back in prehistoric times, going out at night would make you in trouble of being attacked by beasts o So people who slept in nice dark caves, survived o Learning and Memory  REM deprived subjects show reduced ability to retain new information o Mood Adjustment  Berry and Webb (1985)  Speed of cycling into REM correlated with positive mood on following day  Depressed individuals tend to cycle into REM very quickly  Perhaps this helps improve mood in some fashion  Sleep disorders o About 15% of adults complain o Insomnia  Most common  Difficulty getting to sleep  For some -> expectations fall short  Sleep like 5 hours, but expect 8 hours like other people o Situational insomnia  Specific stressor o Chronic Insomnia  Possibly a circadian rhythm problem o Thermoregultion problem  Failure to lower body temperature  Activation remains high and normal sleep cycle fails to develop o Sleep apnea  Interruption in brething during sleep  Normal but people with disorder do not start breathing again unless they wake up  Severe o May stop for about a minute, or it may happen hundreds of times per night  Insomnia o Cause?  Obstruction of air passage (loud snores)  Abnormal brain function  SID ( Sudden Infant Death syndrome) o Thought o
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