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Psychology 1000

Psychology Lecture 30, read Chapter 10, esp 419-437 Deception, Self-Regulation and Arousal  How do we self regulate?  Is arousal related to an emotion?  Does arousal produce pleasure?  Interpersonal Distance o Use of physical space o Personal space  4 interaction zones  Intimate zone (touching to 0.5 meters out) o People you are intimate with  Personal zone (0.5 – 1.25 meters) o People you don’t know  Social zone (1.25 – 3.5 meters) o Do not know the people, more formal  Public zone (3.5 – 7.5 meters) o In public, where you have plenty of space  Deception o An act intended to foster a false belief in another  Intentional o Ekman and Friesen (1974)  Notion of leakage  Nonverbal cues that escape attempts to conceal o Accurate?  Average close to 55%  Not very accurate, especially when looking only at face o Some people better?  Customs officials supposedly better  Aren’t really, just use profiles  Some with children supposedly better o Not really, flawed experiment  Need to use micro-momentary expressions to find out if lie or not o How is this related to emotion?  Motivation o What is it that makes organisms do what they do? o Control mechanism  Positive or negative feedback o Basic biological control  Orienting responses or taxes  Overall musculature response toward (positive) or away from (negative) a particular stimulus o Positive phototaxis in moth  Homeostatic mechanisms o Maintaining a constant state  Such as temperature control, keeping our body temp normal  Self- Regulation o Homeostatic mechanism o I
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