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Psychology Lecture 33, pg 459-466 Piaget’s Theory, Stages of Development, Support  How do young children think?  How do these cognitive processes change over time?  Does everyone support Piaget?  Sensory Motor Stage o Nothing exists apart from child’s own perceptions and motor reaction o No self concept o Look at organization of sensory and motor reactions  Piaget -> Schema  At birth the baby is a variety of reflexes o At first, schemas operate in isolation o Coordination of activities not present until 5 months (both hands 7 month) o Importance of sensory (visual) feedback such as sticking out your tongue  Rough acquisition by 11-12 months o 18-24 months  Efficient imitation  Representational thought  External world exists  Represented by some symbol  Preoperational Stage o Conceptual system of higher – order schemas o Rules of the world not fully acquired until age 7 o Inability to think in abstract rules eg. A 4 year old fails on conservation task  Cannot think abstractly o Preoperational kids tend to attend to only one aspect of a stimulus eg. Height or length o Older kids (5 o 6) realize that other aspects may be relevant, but do not really take them into account  7 year old  Reversible thinking o If you take the checker pieces in a line, and bunch them up, they will re-arrange them back into a line and tell you that its still the same  Egocentrism o Inability to take the place of the other o Self is seen as the most important way to
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