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Psychology 1000

Psychology Lecture 35, pg. 516 – 522 Attachment, Freud’s Psychosexual Model, Erickson’s Psychosocial Model  What are the results of attachment?  What did Freud have to say about adult development?  Does anything happen after 18?  Bowlby o Built in attachment seeking mechanism (go to mum)  Social interaction  Fear of the unknown  Free floating anxiety  How to assess attachment? o See what happens when mom leaves  Mom leaves and stranger enters  Mom then returns and then stranger leaves o What does the child do?  Securely attached (67% of kids)  Plays with toys when mom present  Distress when mom leaves  Very happy when mom returns  Insecure  Anxious resistant o Don’t explre o Paniky when mom leaves o Ambivalent at return  Anxious avoidant o Distant, aloof o No distress o Ignore mom  Predictive  Ainsowrth o Stable characterstic  Waters et. Al. o Securely attached at 15 months judged outgoing, popular and adjusted at 3.5 years  Adult relationships  Avoidant subjects report never having been in love  Secure subjects report enduring relationships o Butzer and Campbell  Quality of sexual relationship and attachment, style measures  116 married couples in London measured  The higher level of avoidance and anxiety, less sexual satisfaction o Collins and Read  Quality of relationships and attachment style measures  What about dad? o Similar results in stranger situation, but not as strong  Mom -> security and comfort  Dad -> preferred playmate  Adult deve
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