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Psychology 1000

Psychology Lecture 36 TV Images, Research Evidence, What can be done?  What content do we find on TV?  What types of evidence are available?  Does TV violence cause aggression?  The matching hypothesis o Bersheid et al (1977)  We prefer the best but choose similar to yourself o Seems to hold in lab and many real world setting o Cash and Derlega (1978)  Same sex friends also similar o Mismatch?  Can generate friction  Media Violence o Television  By the age of 5, you spend 2-3 hours a day  By the age of 10, you spend 4-6 hours a day  By the age of 16, you witnessed more than 13,000 murders  By the age of 18, more time watching TV than in school o 99% of all households have at least one TV set  More than households with bathtub or telephone  On average, the set is on 7 hours per day o Who watches more?  Woman, preschoolers, retired people o TV Content  Barker and Ball (1969), Waters and Malamud (1975)  8 out of 10 shows contain violence  Act of violence occurs every 16 minutes  Murder every 31 minutes  93.5% of cartoons  Good guys are as violent as bad guys  Pain and suffering rarely shown  About 50% of killers do not suffer  Most people believe there is too much violence on TV even though they watch it  TV Images  Violence more likely from minorities  Strangers should not be trusted  Whites do not get killed as non-whites  Police are frequently violent  Violence and killing are painless  Violence often goes unpunished  Both good and bad people use violence  Violence is a successful means to an end  CBS (1980)  Prime time o Average of 1.6 violent acts o 6.4 acts per day o 2336 acts per year  Signorielli et al. (1982)  80% of all TV shows contain some violence  71% of prime time shows
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