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Psychology Lecture 25, pg 332-351 Basic Characteristics, Syntax, Language Learning  What are the properties of a language?  How does syntax provide meaning to language?  Is language learned?  Language o Basic properties  Semanticity  Meaningful  Generativity  Ability to use a finite number of words and rules to produce infinite number of sentences  Displacement  Convey information about other times and places  Possibly places you’ve never been to or seen  Organization  Language is structured  Structure is different from language to language, but is always present  Example: The strangers left o Phrase: the strangers o Word: the, strangers o Morpheme- strange, er, s  Meaningful units of a word  Work under semanticity to change meaning  Example  Strangers o Morpheme  Strange, er, s  Each time a morpheme is added, the word’s meaning changes o Words  Good unabridged dictionary has about 250k words  Student vocabulary is about 150k words  Almost everything in English can be said with a vocabulary of 850 words  Telephone conversations are 96% of talk made up of 737 words o Phoneme- streynj, er, z  How to pronounce the word  Phonemes o Basic units  There are 45 phonemes  Helps understand things as they are broken down  Syntax  Arrangin
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