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psych oct 9

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Psychology 1000
Terry Biggs

Psych 1000 October 9 11 16 18 2012 The Scientific Study of Behaviour Brief Intro to Statistics Best way to get info is from research 1 Initial observations info already available 2 Make predictions3 Collect information observations during experiment 4 Was prediction correct Yes or noHypotheses and TheoriesA hypothesis is a tentative explanation or prediction of some phenomenon o A hypothesis takes the form of an ifthen statementA theory is a set of formal statements that explains how and why certain events are related o Theories are broader than hypothesisDefining and Measuring VariablesHow fast vs how accurateA variable is any characteristic that can vary o Ex StressAn operational definition defines a variable in terms of specific procedures used to produce or measure it o Ex Measuring stress through measurement of muscle tensionMethods of measurement o SelfreportLimitation social desirabilitypeople will often tailor their report to what they think the receiver of the report will approve o Reports by otherLimitation situational specificitythe source of the report may only have observations applicable to one setting o PhysiologicalLimitation physiological response doesnt necessarily explain mental events o BehaviouralLimitation unreliability of observers o Archival recordsLimitation observed behavior may be atypicalUnobtrusive measurement o Behaviours are recorded in a way that keeps participants unaware of observationStatistics
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