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Psychology 1000

Sept 11, 2012 Psychology 1000-What is Psychology Explanations of Behavior Schools of Psychology Pioneers Student Development Centre, Room 2100: Drop in learning skills clinic: 4139 WSS Ex. Time management, MC exams..sign up at website Preparing for MC exams: Sept 19, 4:30-5:40 B & G 0165 Strategies for Psych 1000: Sept 25, 5:30-6:30 Spencer Engineering 1200 Facebook site: The Official Psych 1000 Facebook Group Important questions: What are the different approaches to psychology? What do psychologists do? Who were the pioneers of psychology? ** Do not memorize psychologists’ names and dates.. “Long past, but short history”- E.G. Boring Schools of Psychology: Explanations of Behavior  Cultural & Environmental Factor o Value system o Each culture behaves differently o Physical environment makes difference. E.g, the hotter it is, the more frustrated and aggressive people get.  Individual & Psychological Factors o Cognitive processing o How you think o Learning o Understanding individual behavior o Each individual responds to things differently based on learning history  Biological Factors o Neural, hormonal o
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