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Western University
Psychology 1000

Statistics 10/16/2012 10:13:00 AM Distributions Central Tendency Variability Next time: Review Read: Chapter 1-4 + Appendix (COVERED IN MIDTERM) Video: Global warming He talked about statistics. Same as psych, we do research: control group, experimental group, numbers give us results. We need to be able to determine what is truth and what is not Today’s Question  How do statistics help us understand data?  How do you calculate measure of central tendency?  What does variance mean?, there are formula, but we don’t need to know how to calculate You’ve noticed that everyone in London is exceptionally intelligent. Being a good evolutionary scientist, you conclude that London is a harsh environment and those with high IQ are better adapted to live here. Over the years, this trait has been selected for. However, your observation may simply reflect. A. a founder effect B. correlate of structure C. a use beyond evolution D. Freudian drift E. a fixed action pattern North America % households with 1 or more TVs: 99 Average number of TVs per house: 2.24 Average daily viewing: 6 hr 47 min % who watch while eating dinner: 66 number of videos rented daily: 6 million Statistics Average Canadian family has 2.3 children Car "X" gets average of 39 km/L. helps you to determine what kind of car to buy, gas consumption is important Distribution: a set of numbers presented Frequency Distribution: how often does these numbers occur: see more info about group of individuals Mode: the most frequent number  easy to identify from frequency distribution Simplify with a few numbers (Statistics) Mean (X); M-simple average of data set  add up numbers & divide by N (the
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