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Psychology 1000

Split Brain 1022012 101500 AM Corticla Organization Disorders LateralizationSplit BrainNext time Genetics Scan P109116Video to prevent epilepsy separate corpus collosum nerve fibres that connect the left brain to the right brain Left side of the brain cannot communicate with right side of the brain What you see is different and describes differentlyTodays questionhow are the cortical areas organizedwhat happens if these areas are damagedis there a separate consciousness in each hemisphereRight hemisphere emotion negative Left hemisphere logic more positiveQuestion Neuron A and neuron B synapse with neuron C you are measuring the electrical activity in neuron C when neuron A fires an action potential is generated in Neuron C But when both A and B are stimulated there is no action potential observed in C how can you explain this a the Neurotransmitter in B is Ach b A is disinhibited c B depolarizes the postsynaptic membraned Neuron B generates an IPSP and must be equal to EPSP This cancels out effect of other neuron e measurement errorProjection Areas 1 topographic Representation 2 Contralateral control 3 Functional Assignment of Space
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